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Business solutions that
enhance enterprise productivity and user satisfaction.


At BTEXX we’re proud of our open, communicative corporate culture. Regular events, such as our monthly staff breakfast, our employee meetings and company outings help promote a culture of sharing and caring. We feel it is important to provide further education and training opportunities for our employees. Qualification programs take place during our employee meetings, through regular coaching sessions here at BTEXX or at a third-party location, like SAP for example.

Andreas Jamm, Geschäftsführer

Andreas Jamm
Managing Director
T +49 6131–622280

Stefan Bohlmann, Geschäftsführer

Stefan Bohlmann
Managing Director
T +49 6131–622280

The BTEXX brand
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The BTEXX GmbH management team comprises both of the company’s Managing Directors, Andreas Jamm and Stefan Bohlmann, along with Marietta Landsmann, Markus Marenbach and Farid Okhovat. They have extensive expertise in the fields of conceptual design, creation, consulting and software for intranet, extranet, Internet and mobile solutions.

Andreas Jamm, Geschäftsführer

Andreas Jamm, Managing Director

Andreas Jamm is CEO and managing partner of the BTEXX Group. With over 20 years of IT expertise, he is responsible for the Business Unit Consulting and for the internal administration, HR and marketing departments. He founded BTEXX together with Stefan Bohlmann in 2001. Andreas Jamm began his professional career at Dr. Göhring & Partner AG, a management consulting firm in Wiesbaden. He was involved in numerous projects focused on IT strategy and conceptual design. Andreas Jamm has a degree in computer science and studied at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Stefan Bohlmann, Geschäftsführer

Stefan Bohlmann, Managing Director

Stefan Bohlmann is CEO and managing partner of the BTEXX Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and is responsible for the Business Units Software & Support, Research & Development and Sales. He founded the company together with Andreas Jamm in 2001. Before starting BTEXX he worked as a multimedia software developer and as a technical consultant at SAP AG in Walldorf. He implemented some of the first SAP Portal and security projects and managed major international accounts in Germany and abroad. Stefan Bohlmann has a degree in computer science and studied at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Markus Marenbach, Leiter Vertrieb

Markus Marenbach, Sales Director and Director of the Cologne Office

Markus Marenbach has been developing innovative portal solutions and applications for renowned customers for over a decade. His work focuses on the conceptual design of enterprise portals and the use of Enterprise 2.0 technologies. Markus Marenbach has been responsible for managing Sales at BTEXX GmbH since 2007. In addition, he has led the BTEXX office in Cologne since 2008.

Marietta Landsmann, Head of BU Creation

Marietta Landsmann, Head of BU Creation, Strategic Marketing

As a communications expert, Marietta Landsmann is responsible for business development in the BTEXX Business Unit Creation for SAP customers. Marietta Landsmann has over ten years of expertise in brand building and in the conceptual design of digital solutions for agencies and corporations. Marietta Landsmann advises customers on the user-centered design of SAP solutions based on the design thinking method. As a member of management, she is also responsible for strategic marketing.

Farid Okhovat, Director Consulting

Farid Okhovat, Director Consulting, Head of BU Technology

Farid Okhovat has over 20 years of experience in the IT sector, and over 15 in the field of SAP. He has been responsible for managing Consulting at BTEXX GmbH since 2010. Prior to this, he spent a number of years in technical consulting. He worked closely with SAP to create the new SAP NetWeaver Portal architecture and was involved in enabling SAP partner consultants to market and implement this product. Farid Okhovat has a degree in engineering and studied at Darmstadt University of Technology.


UX- und Design-Spezialisten

UX and design specialists

Our UX consultants and visual designers help make your SAP solution intuitively operable

SAP consultants

Our Business Units Creation and Technology work together closely to ensure the feasibility of our concepts
Human Resources

Human Resources

We’re seeking people who will help us make history

Software development

Our software development team incorporates experience from over 250 projects
Marietta Landsmann, Head of BU Creation


Our goal is to establish BTEXX as the leading SAP consultancy for creative business solutions
Business-Unit-Leiter und Vertrieb

Heads of Business Units and Sales Managers

The Heads of our Business Units and Sales Managers draft custom-tailored proposals for our customers


Always friendly and ready to help, our back office team works behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly here at BTEXX

Process consulting

The Intranet, Extranet, Analytics and Mobile Business Unit Heads work for you to develop end-to-end solutions that deliver the ultimate user experience.


We want to establish BTEXX as the leading SAP consultancy for creative business solutions. We understand that to do this, we must communicate our brand values clearly and consistently. What distinguishes us from other SAP consultancies? At BTEXX experts for usability, processes and technology work on end-to-end solutions that make your business more efficient.


Our SAP-based business solutions enhance enterprise productivity and user satisfaction.


We link process knowledge, technical expertise and user focus to craft creative business solutions that both companies and users will embrace.

Brand performance

SAP expertise
A breadth of technical knowledge paired with experience from countless SAP portal projects build a solid foundation for original solutions.

User focus
BTEXX takes a strict approach to developing and designing business solutions that enhance the user experience.

Process knowledge
BTEXX understands its customers’ processes and delivers valuable impetus on how to structure these processes in an efficient, simple and user-friendly way.

Custom portal solutions
BTEXX tailors its portal solutions for complex, custom business processes and is your one-stop source for all of the tools needed to implement these solutions.

Customizable software solutions
BTEXX software products enable efficient, intelligent portal solutions for a variety of standard applications.

Brand benefits

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01/01 // Company established
BTEXX business technologies partnership company is formed. The company’s founders worked as consultants for many years prior to this – at SAP among other companies.


06/01 // Software business established
Alongside the SAP NetWeaver Portal, BTEXX also engineers its first proprietary software solution based on its experience working on 200 portal projects – “BTEXX easyWCM” CMS.

10/01 // Relocation to Mainz
In response to constantly growing demands and continuous capacity expansion, BTEXX GmbH moves to the new offices at Fort Malakoff, Mainz in October 2005.


12/01 // Cologne office established
BTEXX opens an office in Cologne at the end of 2008 in order to better serve customers from the area. Markus Marenbach, Sales Director at BTEXX GmbH, heads up the new office.


09/15 // Software portfolio expansion
BTEXX expands its software portfolio with “BTEXX universalSearch”, “BTEXX collaborationManager” and “BTEXX documentManager”: The software earns a name for itself by delivering optimum usability.


06/01 // BTEXX Software receives certification
SAP awards “BTEXX easyWCM 4.0” and “BTEXX collaborationManager 1.1” software its coveted certification. Both products now bear the SAP trademark “SAP Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver”.


04/01 // Munich office established
BTEXX opens its new office in Munich in the spring of 2011 . This helps BTEXX strengthen its ties to Microsoft and offer not only existing customers but also new prospects an even better consulting and service network.

12/01 // Business Unit Creation formed
BTEXX expands its consulting portfolio with its new Business Unit “Creation”. Now the company offers agency services for SAP customers; Marietta Landsmann heads up the new Business Unit.


01/01 // “BTEXX mobilePortal” software
BTEXX mobilePortal enables secure access to enterprise-wide information via smartphone. The software accelerates the approval process while on the go.


01/07 // BTEXX rebranding
In mid-2014 BTEXX relaunches its brand with a new market image that aims to position BTEXX as a solutions provider for SAP customers.

Next steps

Andreas Jamm, Geschäftsführer

Andreas Jamm
Managing Director
T +49 6131–622280

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Stefan Bohlmann, Geschäftsführer

Stefan Bohlmann
Managing Director
T +49 6131–622280

The BTEXX brand
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