Ball Packaging Europe: Global Intranet portal


“Using the ‘myBallPortal’ as an intranet is just the beginning. In the medium and long term, we want to take advantage of the portal as a tool for company-wide collaboration and the provision of task-related information. After all, a good employee portal can accomplish a number of things: It improves communication, simplifies administrative tasks, provides an efficient structure for Human Resources and accelerates the business processes in our company overall.”
Dirk Sachsinger, Manager Corporate Applications / Ball Packaging Europe.

Project description

Ball Packaging Europe is one of Europe’s leading beverage can manufacturers with sixteen locations in Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland and Serbia. The company is part of the Ball Corporation, an international manufacturer of high-quality packaging based in the United States of America. Ball Packaging Europe entrusted btexx with the job of developing a global, enterprise-wide employee portal.

The ‘myBallPortal’ was launched as the central communications and information instrument for 2,900 employees at the end of 2008. “The advantage of the new intranet portal solution is that it provides us with access to a uniform communications platform for all Ball Corporation employees throughout the entire company worldwide. All of the company’s employees should be able to easily and quickly access current information and company data that is essential for their work,” says project manager Dirk Sachsinger of the project's objectives for Ball Packaging Europe.

Project Overview


Packaging industry


Intranet/Employee portal

Implemented with

SAP NetWeaver Portal and btexx easyWCM

Number of user

2,900 end users

Special features

  • Global information and communications platform for 16 locations in 6 countries
  • Uniform design for all portal pages
  • Multilingual deployment (content entered in 6 languages)

Conceptual Highlights

The ‘myBallPortal’ links central corporate content and news from the Ball Corporation with user-specific local information. Every portal user can access a personalized welcome page with information and news from his or her own location.

“Our goal is to provide every employee with the right information at the right time in the right format,” says Dirk Sachsinger. - To this end, a personalized area was constructed for every employee: myJob. This area provides every employee with custom-tailored, personalized content to facilitate his or her work.

The ‘Collaboration’ feature provides closed team rooms in which employees (project or department members) can store documents and chart the progress of their projects. Special attention was paid to the ‘Human Resources’ navigational area: It provides human resources information on topics such as education, e-learning, training, salary tables and offers an internal job market to increase employee loyalty and simplify human resources management.

Technology Highlights

The objective of the ‘myBallPortal’ project was primarily to build an intranet structure that provided information and documents from sixteen locations in six different languages. The deployment of the SAP NetWeaver Portal enabled the company to clearly and effectively manage and present a variety of information for the portal’s users.

Employees log on to the portal using a Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism. Depending on their authorization and roll assignment (using the SAP role and authorization system), users receive general information about the Ball Corporation along with local news. A local intranet was constructed for each of the sixteen locations; portal access is granted following a personalized log on procedure.

The decision to work with ‘btexx easyWCM’ software resulted in a user-friendly editor system that is 100% compatible with the SAP NetWeaver Portal. The ability to utilize ready-made btexx easyWCM forms tailored to match Ball Packaging Europe’s corporate design enables users to create content quickly and conveniently.

Next steps

“Using the ‘myBallPortal’ as an intranet is just the beginning,” says Dirk Sachsinger of the Ball intranet portal launch. “In the medium and long term, we want to take advantage of the portal as a tool for company-wide collaboration and the provision of task-related information.” The portal is designed for use as a central tool to facilitate information, communication and work for every Ball employee.

A kiosk system is planned so that employees without computer workstations, e.g. production team members, can also access the ‘myBallPortal’.