The complete solution for your SAP Enterprise Portal

The complete solution
for your SAP Enterprise Portal

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The quickest, easiest path to your enterprise portal –
BTEXX Portal Suite

The quickest, easiest path
to your own enterprise portal

Ready to run

The complete solution
for your intranet portal 

The BTEXX Portal Suite

BTEXX Portal Suite is the leading information management platform for the SAP Enterprise Portal. Five optimally integrated solutions for web content management, collaboration integration, document management, enterprise searches and mobile access give you the tools you need to create cutting-edge enterprise portals. All of the products are 100% based on SAP Enterprise Portal standards and approved for use with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and 7.4. They can be used together or individually in heterogeneous portal scenarios.

The advantages

  • BTEXX Portal Suite delivers everything you need for your enterprise portal
  • No additional hardware is required
  • Five perfectly coordinated products
  • Ready to use “out of the box”
  • Easy installation, integrated customizing features, low introduction expenditure
  • Support for desktops, tablets and smartphones
Mitarbeiter BTEXX Ansprechpartner Michael Beining

Michael Beining
Head of BU Software
T +49 6131–622280

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BTEXX Portal Suite
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BTEXX easyWCM 5.0

The leading web and portal content management system for SAP

BTEXX collaborationManager 2.1

Microsoft SharePoint Server integration in SAP

BTEXX documentManager 2.2

Intuitive document management for SAP Knowledge Management

BTEXX mobilePortal 2.0

Best-practice SAPUI5 mobile framework for integrating business applications

BTEXX universalSearch 2.1

Modern, intuitive searches across multiple systems


Complete, integrated solution

  • Incredibly easy content management
  • Site management
  • Freely designable search interfaces
  • Extended enterprise coverage
  • Live Search, filter functions
  • Can be tailored to corporate design guidelines
  • Central, web-based document access
  • It’s never been easier to share documents

High-end usability

  • Intuitive software interfaces: The most important features are always in focus
  • Enterprise 2.0 functionality, including feedback, ratings and reviews of articles and documents, blogs and message feature
  • Live Search: The first results are shown below the search field when you enter the search term
  • Everything under one roof: Combine SharePoint, community and other content on a single platform (SAP)

Design implementation

  • Implement company-specific design guidelines (appearance, CD)
  • Extreme flexibility in designing search interfaces

Operating costs/total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • 100% based on the SAP Enterprise Portal infrastructure
  • Cost efficiency: Minimum training required when introducing the software
  • Easy connection of individual or multiple Microsoft SharePoint Servers to the SAP Portal


  • Intranet/employee portals, application portals, extranet/retailer portals, supplier portals, customer portals, websites, and portals with specific themes
  • Central storage and management of contract documents
  • Build communities for internal communication, sales projects or coordinating with business partners and customers

Proven quality

  • SAP Certified, Powered by SAP NetWeaver
  • Standard compliant (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, WSRP, Groovy)
  • Cross-browser compatibility



Simplification of workflows


INTERSPORT Deutschland chooses BTEXX Portal Suite


Vaillant Mobile GroupNet: Mobile HR processes for managers and employees


Retailer Portal with BTEXX Portal Suite


STIHL relies on BTEXX Portal Suite

Knowledge pool

BTEXX Portal Suite
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BTEXX Portal Suite

Support packages

Our support packages allow you to plan now for emergencies and problems that may arise in the future. After all, your employees, customers and/or partners rely on your company’s portal services to be available whenever they need them. And you can rely on our expert support to help prevent delays and downtime.

Services   Basis   M   L
Further development of BTEXX software including major releases      
Number of customer accounts with web access to the support area   2   5   10
Service packs and patches      
Support through   BTEXX / Partner   BTEXX   BTEXX
Communication in case of error   S1 S2   S1 S2   S1 S2
Support-Channel   Ticket   Ticket   Hotline
Response time   3 WD 3 WD   1 WD 2 WD   1 h 4 h
Target troubleshooting time   4 WD 30 WD   2 AT 15 WD   1 WD 2 WD
Involvement of the chief developer for the specific product      
Feedback and support from a dedicated support manager      
Access to the entire BTEXX consultant network      

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Michael Beining
Head of BU Software
T +49 6131–622280

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